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The British Columbia Automated Snow Weather Station Network comprises monitoring stations operated by the Ministry of Environment, BC Hydro, Rio Tinto Alcan, the Greater Vancouver Water District and many other partner organizations.

There are Automated Snow Weather Stations (ASWS) around the province, mostly in remote and high elevation locations. Station location data are available here. Data is collected hourly and transmitted through the GOES satellites.

Near real-time remotely sensed snow and meteorological data from ASWS for the current water year (October 1st to September 30th) are available here.

Archived ASWS data include: 1. hourly archived data (snow water equivalent in mm, snow depth in cm, air temperature in degrees Celcius, cumulative precipitation in mm) for all ASWS stations in the province from October 1st 2011 to January 8 2016; and 2. daily archived data (maximum air temperature in degrees Celcius, minimum air temperature in degrees Celcius, precipitation in mm, accumulated precipitation in mm, snow depth in cm and snow water equivalent in mm) for all ASWS stations in the province from date of installation to September 30th 2011 or when the ASWS station was taken out of service. For the daily archive data, accumulated precipitation and snow water equivilent are the values recorded at the end of the climatological day which begins at 8am (standard time) of the given day and ends at 8am of the next day. Daily precipitation is the amount measured during that climatological day. Minimum and maximum temperature for a given climatological day is the measure from 6pm the previous day to 6pm of the given day.

Codes for the daily archive data include: * — up to 3 hourly measurements missing (temperature data); U — more than 3 hourly measurements missing (temperature data); E — estimated (no original data); R — original data revised; L — 8am measurement not available; A— 8am measurement available after L code; M — missing.

Data can be directly accessed via the Real-Time Water tool and the Snow Stations Interactive Map.

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Snow observation data sets are comprised of raw monitoring data. Instrumentation, transmission and transcription errors can occur and the data have not been verified for accuracy. Users must accept responsibility for the use and interpretation of the data.

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