Provincial Registered Voter Counts

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Published by the Crown Corporations and Agencies - Elections BC
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This table provides information on the number of individuals registered on the voters list for provincial electoral events. A breakdown of registered voter counts is provided by electoral event, electoral district, and voting area. Registered voter counts for provincial general elections since 2005 and provincial by-elections since 2008 are included.

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To provide voter registration information related to provincial electoral events in a machine-readable format that facilitates data analysis. This data set is part of an Elections BC program to improve the accessibility of electoral data made available to the public and other stakeholders.

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This table is updated on an ongoing basis as new or additional data become available. For a given electoral event, the data is considered final as published. Unless indicated otherwise, registered voter counts include all individuals on the voters list as of General Voting Day for the given electoral event.

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Converted from Microsoft Excel files to Microsoft .csv file format by Elections BC.

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