Water Quality Guidelines of B.C.

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Published by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy - Water Protection and Sustainability
Licensed under Open Government Licence - British Columbia

This spreadsheet includes all the approved, interim and working water quality guidelines for B.C. Water quality guidelines are concentrations of substances or physical attributes of water bodies that are predicted to be protective of specific water values including aquatic life, wildlife, agriculture, drinking water and recreation. B.C. water quality guidelines are generic provincial recommendations that are based on the most current scientific information available at the time of their derivation.

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The guidelines are provided in a machine readable format to improve ease of access and to spur innovation in the development of water quality assessment tools for B.C.

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Although every effort was made to ensure the data are correct, we anticipate that the spreadsheet may contain errors. Please email the contact below if an error is found. In the case of a discrepancy between the data presented in this spreadsheet and that on the B.C. water quality guidelines web page, the information on the web page is correct.

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The data was collated from pdf documents posted on the B.C. water quality guidelines web site.

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