Property Transfer Tax Data 2016

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Published by the Ministry of Finance - Property Taxation
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Property transfer tax data relating to market transactions within the province. The data is drawn from new forms implemented June 10, asking tax filers for additional information, like citizenship, they weren’t previously required to provide. For more information regarding Property Transfer Tax see our website.

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This data was developed to respond to interest from the public, media and researchers interested in learning more about B.C.’s real estate market.

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Data Quality: The property transfer tax data is based on information submitted on property transfer tax forms. These forms are subject to audit to verify the accuracy of the data received. All data reported here reflects the total market transactions within a given period of time. This may deviate from previously released iterations of data, which only reported residential transactions and may not have included market transactions eligible for property transfer tax exemptions such as the Newly Built Homes exemption or the First Time Home Buyers Program. Citizenship data collection began on June 10, 2016. The additional property transfer tax applies to purchases of residential property in Metro Vancouver by foreign entities registered on or after August 2, 2016. Some properties are coded as "UNKNOWN" geography, usually for one of the following reasons: a) In August 2016 the property transfer tax form was updated to include a standard list of municipalities. This corrected issues related to human error as previously this information was typed/hand-written. As many Unknowns as possible were filled in for June and July 2016, given the data provided. b) After the property transfer tax form's Municipality field was codified, any other municipalities are coded as “Other”. As well, manual forms (about 2%) may have entries not picked up by the system.

Privacy Considerations: Data is provided at an aggregate level. Where data fell under the data threshold it was aggregated or rolled-up into larger geographic areas. Not all municipalities or regional districts contain enough transactions for a given period to be reported individually. In such cases, only the largest geographic area is used, which may in some circumstances be at the provincial level. The data threshold for privacy protection is set at five transactions in a given period of time. Therefore, geographies may differ between monthly and weekly information, and/or total transactions and foreign involvement transactions.

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