Atlas of Canada 1:1,000,000 National Scale Data - Roads

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Published by the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development - GeoBC
Licensed under Open Government Licence - Canada

This dataset includes roads and ferry routes within British Columbia, suitable for mapping and analysis at the 1:1 million scale. Some ferry routes are identified as seasonal routes only.

The Atlas of Canada National Scale Data 1:1,000,000 Series consists of a number of data sets that were compiled to be used for atlas large scale (1:1,000,000 to 1:4,000,000) mapping. These data sets have been integrated so that their relative positions are cartographically correct.

This dataset contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence – Canada. The British Columbia portion of the nationwide dataset was extracted for publication to the BCGW.

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Dataset Extent

Latitude: 48.0° to 60.0°
Longitude: -139.5° to -113.5°

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The Atlas of Canada 1:1,000,000 National Scale Data are a set of integrated base map layers. These data have been compiled at a scale of 1:1,000,000 with the primary goal being to indicate correct relative positioning with other frameworks layers rather than absolute positional accuracy.

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NameJoy Sinnett (pointOfContact)
OrganizationMinistry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development
NameGeoGratis Web Services (pointOfContact)
OrganizationGovernment of Canada
Sub-OrganizationNatural Resources Canada

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Record Published 2018-06-21
Record Last Modified 2020-11-03
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Object Description


Short Name: ROADS_1M
Comments: Roads and Ferry Routes published by Natural Resources Canada under the Atlas of Canada, 1:1,000,000 National Frameworks Data. This dataset contains singlepart linear features.

Column Name Short Name Data Type Data Precision Comments
NRC_RD1M_SYSID RD1M_SYSID NUMBER 10 NRC_RD1M_SYSID is a system generated unique identification number.
TYPE TYPE VARCHAR2 50 TYPE describes the type of road, i.e., Expressway / Highway, Freeway, Winter, Other.
SELECTION SELECTION VARCHAR2 20 SELECTION is a descriptive cartographic field used to display only major routes connecting significant population centres (sparse), or to include secondary routes (dense). On a small scale map showing a significant portion of the province, including only features categorized with a sparse selection would be suitable, whereas a larger scale map may include features categorized as both sparse and dense.
CARTOGRAPHIC_CLASSIFICATION CARTO VARCHAR2 50 CARTOGRAPHIC_CLASSIFICATION is the road classification, i.e., Multi-Lane Highway, Principal Highway, Secondary Highway, Major Road, Winter Road, Local Road.
TRANS_CANADA_IND TRANS_CAN VARCHAR2 1 TRANS_CANADA_IND indicates whether the segment is part of the Trans-Canada Highway, i.e., Y, N, Null (unknown).
NATIONAL_HIGHWAY_SYSTEM_IND NAT_HWYSYS VARCHAR2 1 NATIONAL_HIGHWAY_SYSTEM_IND indicates whether the segment is part of the National Highway System, i.e., Y, N, Null (unknown).
FEATURE_LENGTH_M FEAT_LEN NUMBER 19 FEATURE_LENGTH_M is the system calculated length or perimeter of a geometry in meters.
SHAPE SHAPE SDO_GEOMETRY 1 SHAPE is the column used to reference the spatial coordinates defining the feature.
OBJECTID OBJECTID NUMBER 38 OBJECTID is a column required by spatial layers that interact with ESRI ArcSDE. It is populated with unique values automatically by SDE.
SE_ANNO_CAD_DATA BLOB 4000 SE_ANNO_CAD_DATA is a binary column used by spatial tools to store annotation, curve features and CAD data when using the SDO_GEOMETRY storage data type.