URL: https://catalogue.data.gov.bc.ca/dataset/ce0643b1-daa2-457f-ae28-29bbac98f10f/resource/0303c0b2-7ac2-49dc-bbdd-7420af054537/download/facilitiessummary2011.kmz

From the dataset abstract

Individual facilities with a specific geographic location for each reporting BC Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Part of the set of data for Industrial Facility Greenhouse Gas Emission Summaries...

Source: BC Greenhouse Gas Emissions Individual Facility Locations

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Data Published 2014-12-11
Resource Last Modified 2014-12-10 16:07:52 PST
License Open Government Licence - British Columbia
Resource Update Cycle asNeeded
Format kmz
Resource Type Data
Resource Storage Access Method Direct Access
Resource Storage Location Catalogue Data Store
Spatial Reference System EPSG_4326 - WGS84 - World Geodetic System 1984