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The Stop of Interest signage program was introduced in 1958 as a British Columbia Centennial Project. Most of the signs erected at the time related to themes of settlement, industry or transportation within British Columbia. Since the start of the program, 139 signs have been installed throughout all regions of the province, often as initiatives associated with the celebration of national or provincial anniversaries.

Stop of Interest signs are intended to provide a familiar, durable and highly-visible roadside format for the interpretation of places, events and people that shaped British Columbia. One of the fundamental objectives of historic commemoration is to give everyone an opportunity to reflect on the people, places and events which have helped to mold the heritage shared by British Columbians.

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For many, following provincial routes and visiting these signs along the way has become a favourite summer vacation, passed down through generations since they were first displayed on our roads and highways in 1958. By sharing this data we are hoping to generate interest and have more people visit these signs or suggest a new Stop of Interest sign.

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GPS coordinates may not be exact and some signs are missing from the GPS locations where we state there should be one. In addition, until sign text is updated, we may not provide a full-some text description. We expect this information and accuracy of this information to improve over time.

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