BC Surgical Wait Times

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Published by the Ministry of Health - Medical Services
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BC surgical wait times for elective surgical procedures in British Columbia for adults aged 17 and older. This data does not include unscheduled surgical procedures. Wait times are calculated based on scheduled surgeries that are completed within each quarter as well as within each fiscal year, including both inpatient and day surgery cases. The complete dataset is subject to restating annually, when necessary, to reflect current reporting requirements as determined by the Ministry of Health in conjunction with the health authorities. The catalogue provides the most recent 10 years of data. Three files are provided: an interim quarterly file with current fiscal year quarters only, a quarterly file (2009/10 and onward), updated in September to add final data for previous fiscal year and an annual file (2009/10 and onward), also updated in September to add data for previous fiscal year. Since percentiles cannot be calculated on data that is already aggregated, they are provided at all levels within each file. All values less than 5 and their corresponding wait times are suppressed. Therefore, rows with total volumes may not match the sum of sub rows. For example, the All Facilities row may not match the sum of the individual facilities if there is one with a suppressed value less than 5.

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