Bioterrain in TEI Data Distribution Packages


The Bioterrain data in geodatabase format is available in the TEI Data Distribution Packages. The TEI datasets in the packages have been split into Predictive Ecosystem Information (PEM) and non-PEM projects and further split by region to address file size issues. The index map will assist with identifying the region/s of interest. TEI data packages include 1) the project boundaries feature class containing project level metadata and hyperlinks to reports on Ecocat or other sources of related data, 2) the 'short table' with key and concatenated attributes (<30) (designed for ease of viewing and map labelling) 3) the complete RISC standard attribute table (called long table – approx 200 fields) which contains the source attribute fields from which key and concatenated fields in 'short table' are derived, 4) 'user-defined attribute data' (non-standard project data), 5) sample site and on-site symbol (e.g. landslides) point, line and polygon data (feature classes). Most mappers and GIS analysts will need the long table and complete project datasets if they are going to query or use the data for other mapping/modelling or interpretations. The other FCs would be of interest to many (e.g. landslide tracks) however we have not had the resources to model this data for BCGW. The data dictionary is also available (field and code definitions). Note that the data in the Distribution Packages use the RISC Standard long and short field names and definitions, not the BCGW field names. The names and definitions in the data packages will be familiar to most data users and mappers familiar with the BC RISC standards for ecosystem and terrain mapping.

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