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Published by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy - Climate Action Secretariat
Licensed under Open Government Licence - British Columbia

British Columbia Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) are published annually by the Province of British Columbia. CURRENT estimates of GHG emissions since 1990 are available here.

These data files are the ARCHIVED estimates of GHG emissions and related information published in previous years. Methods for estimating annual GHG emissions are improved every year and updated methods are used to backcast for the entire data time series. Every year a new time series is published, replacing previous year published values. These data are considered deprecated and should not be used for any current analyses. They are provided however for transparency and reproducability of historical analyses.

(1) B.C. GHG Emissions: These datasets contain the B.C. GHG emissions for different GHG source categories in kilotonnes (kt CO2e) published in previous calendar years. Starting in data reporting year 2018, there is one file reporting GHG emissions broken down by IPCC sector, and one breaking down emissions by Canadian economic sectors.

(2) B.C. GHG Related Data: These datasets contain annual summaries of total and per capita GHG emissions (kilotonnes CO2e), population size (# persons on July 1), and total and per capita GDP (Cansim 384-0038; $million, 2007 chained) for B.C. published in previous calendar years. Annual GDP and population data were originally sourced from Statistics Canada under the Statistics Canada Open License Agreement.

(3) B.C. GHG emission metadata: These files contain metadata in support of the B.C. GHG emissions datasets.

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