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Published by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy - Knowledge Management
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"Results by Area" data are summaries of observation data in specific geographic areas. This dataset consists of polygons outlining the geographic areas. Each polygon has a population count, or age-class ratios, or sex ratios for species.

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Latitude: 48.0° to 60.0°
Longitude: -139.5° to -113.5°

Additional Information


The intended use of these data are for summary information of wildlife over an area, such as population densities (numbers of animals per km2).

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NameWildlife Species Inventory Mailbox (pointOfContact)
OrganizationMinistry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
Sub-OrganizationKnowledge Management

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Record Published 2014-07-16
Record Last Modified 2020-11-24
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Object Description


Comments: Summaries of wildlife observation data that records the population, age-class ratios, and/or sex ratios of wildlife species for specific areas.

Column Name Short Name Data Type Data Precision Comments
SURVEY_OBSERVATION_ID SRVBSRVTND NUMBER 10 SURVEY OBSERVATION ID is a unique system-generated numerical identifier for this observation at this polygon.
DOCUMENT_REFERENCE_ID DCMNTRFRNC NUMBER 10 DOCUMENT REFERENCE ID is system generated numerical identifier for this polygon.
PROJECT_ID PROJECT_ID NUMBER 10 PROJECT ID is the unique numerical identifier of a wildlife species inventory project in the SPI database.
PROJECT_NAME PRJCTNM VARCHAR2 200 PROJECT NAME is the name of a wildlife species inventory project.
PROJECT_WEB_PAGE PRJCTWBPG VARCHAR2 255 PROJECT WEB PAGE is the standard web interface for deep-linking to the Species Inventory Web Explorer search engine using the project ID.
PROJECT_COORDINATOR PRJCTCRDNT VARCHAR2 70 PROJECT COORDINATOR is the full name of the main contact for this project.
REGION REGION VARCHAR2 25 REGION is the Ministry of Environment region that has primary responsible for the project.
BLOCK_LABEL BLCKLBL VARCHAR2 50 BLOCK LABEL is a unique user-assigned label of a Block.
INVENTORY_METHOD NVNTRMTHD VARCHAR2 100 INVENTORY METHOD is short description of the inventory method used during this survey. e.g., Roadside Point Counting
SPECIES_CODE SPCSCD VARCHAR2 35 SPECIES CODE is a unique Resource Information Standards Committee (RISC) standard code for a plant or animal species, based on its scientific or common name. e.g., M-URAR
SPECIES_ENGLISH_NAME SPCSNGLSHN VARCHAR2 50 SPECIES ENGLISH NAME is a standard provincial English name of the species or taxa. e.g., Grizzly Bear
SCIENTIFIC_NAME SCNTFCNM VARCHAR2 150 SCIENTIFIC NAME is a standard provincial scientific name of the species or taxa. e.g., Ursus arctos
COUNT_DATE COUNT_DATE DATE 7 COUNT DATE is the date for which the COUNT value is recorded.
COUNT_YEAR COUNT_YEAR NUMBER 4 COUNT YEAR is the year, in 4-digit format, for which the COUNT value is recorded.
COUNT_MONTH CNTMNTH NUMBER 4 COUNT MONTH is the month (1 through 12) for which the COUNT value is recorded.
COUNT_DAY COUNT_DAY NUMBER 4 COUNT DAY is the day (1 through 31) for which the COUNT value is recorded.
COUNT_NUMBER CNTNMBR NUMBER 5 COUNT NUMBER is the number of animals or plants observed or calculated in this area.
COUNT_METHOD CNTMTHD VARCHAR2 200 COUNT METHOD is a code to indicate the method used to derive the Count value. e.g., T-CA, O-SC.
COUNT_METHOD_DESCRIPTION CNTMTHDDSC VARCHAR2 512 COUNT METHOD DESCRIPTION is a description of the count method. e.g., Total Calculated, Observed Sampled Count
COUNT_LOWER_CL CNTLWRCL VARCHAR2 100 COUNT LOWER CL is the lower confidence limit of the Count value.
COUNT_UPPER_CL CNTPPRCL VARCHAR2 100 COUNT UPPER CL is the upper confidence limit of the Count value.
COUNT_CL_PERCENT CNTCLPRCNT VARCHAR2 100 COUNT CL PERCENT is the confidence, expressed as a percent, used to calculate the confidence limits.
STANDARD_ERROR STNDRDRRR VARCHAR2 100 STANDARD ERROR is the standard error of the Count value.
SAMPLE_SIZE SMPLSZ VARCHAR2 100 SAMPLE SIZE is the number of samples used to derive the Count value.
DENSITY DENSITY VARCHAR2 100 DENSITY is the number of animals per unit area or volume in the area represented or covered by the Block.
DENSITY_UNIT DNSTNT VARCHAR2 200 DENSITY UNIT is the area or volume units used in calculating density. e.g., m2 = per square metre, km2 = per square kilometre.
BREEDING_PAIRS BRDNGPRS VARCHAR2 100 BREEDING PAIRS is the number of breeding pairs in the area.
YRLNG_MS_PER_100ADULT_MS RLNGMSPR10 VARCHAR2 100 YRLNG MS PER 100ADULT MS is the number of yearling males per 100 adult males.
YRLNGS_PER_100ADULTS RLNGSPR100 VARCHAR2 100 YRLNGS PER 100ADULTS is the number of yearlings per 100 adults.
JUVENILES_PER_100ADULT_FS JVNLSPR100 VARCHAR2 100 JUVENILES PER 100ADULT FS is the number of juveniles per 100 adult females.
MALES_PER_100FEMALES MLSPR100FM VARCHAR2 100 MALES PER 100FEMALES is the number of males per 100 females.
SURVEY_ID SURVEY_ID NUMBER 10 SURVEY ID is a system generated numerical identifier for Survey
DESIGN_COMPONENT_ID DSGNCMPNNT NUMBER 10 DESIGN COMPONENT ID is a system generated numerical identifier for this design component (i.e. Block).
AREA_NOTE AREA_NOTE VARCHAR2 2000 AREA NOTE is informative notes about this polygon.
FEATURE_CODE FTRCD VARCHAR2 10 FEATURE CODE is a means of linking a geographic feature to its name and definition.
GEOMETRY GEOMETRY SDO_GEOMETRY 1 GEOMETRY is the column used to reference the spatial coordinates defining the feature.
OBJECTID OBJECTID NUMBER 38 OBJECTID is a required attribute of feature classes and object classes in a geodatabase.
SE_ANNO_CAD_DATA BLOB 4000 SE_ANNO_CAD_DATA is a binary column used by spatial tools to store annotation, curve features and CAD data when using the SDO_GEOMETRY storage data type.
FEATURE_AREA_SQM AREA_SQM NUMBER 19 FEATURE_AREA_SQM is the system calculated area of a two-dimensional polygon in square meters
FEATURE_LENGTH_M FEAT_LEN NUMBER 19 FEATURE_LENGTH_M is the system calculated length or perimeter of a geometry in meters