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Published by the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation - Major Projects and Strategic Consultation Initiatives
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The First Nations Consultative Areas Map provides preliminary contact information for First Nations who may have Aboriginal Interests identified within the area queried. These contacts are based on knowledge currently available to the Province. It is recommended users of Consultative Areas Database application seek support from the host agency you wish to make application to or contact the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation (MARR) Manager in your area for more information prior to engaging First Nation contacts. The intent in providing this reporting service is to create awareness for the general public, proponents and First Nations of First Nations asserted and proven rights and title on the land base. We hope that Consultative Areas Database tool will provide a small, first step in establishing healthy and respectful relationships with First Nations. The information provided is not intended to create, recognize, limit, or deny any aboriginal or treaty rights, including aboriginal title, that First Nations may have, or impose any obligations on the Province or alter the legal status of resources within the Province or the existing legal authority of British Columbia. The Province makes no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, or fitness for use of any or all data provided in the reports.

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