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Published by the Crown Corporations and Agencies - Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
Licensed under Open Data Licence for ICBC Information

Contraventions, also known as offences are issued to an individual or company who has committed an alleged violation. When a violation occurs under the Offence Act of BC an enforcement officer will issue a violation ticket which can have up to 3 offences written on it.

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To increase public transparency by allowing data to be easily accessed, reduce data requests, and support research initiatives, stakeholders, and our shareholder. This initiative also supports the BC Government's Open Data Initiative.

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For more details on offences, please see Motor Vehicle Act (MVA), Motor Vehicle Act Regulation (MVR) and Criminal Code of Canada (CCC). MVA: MVR: CCC:

While contravention section codes in this report are based on the MVA, MVR and CCC, ICBC's database removes the number "0" from some section codes. Therefore, section codes may not appear exactly as presented in the MVR, MVA and CCC (for example, MVR section 3.011 is displayed as 3.11 in these data). For this reason, please refer to the related section description for clarification.

Impaired by alcohol/drugs: Sept. 2010, Immediate Roadside Prohibitions (IRP) were implemented. Tickets that were previously issued under MVA sections 215 and 215.2 and Criminal Code Conviction sections 253.1A, 253.1B and 254.5 are now issued as IRP offences. An IRP is a notice of driving prohibition and are not processed as a violation ticket.

Graduated Licensing Program (GLP): Excludes GLP related electronic device use offences. For these offences, see “Electronic Device Use” section codes 25.15 (DD), 30.721, 30.721A and 30.721B. MVR sections 30.72A & 30.72B were introduced in June 2016. Before these sections were introduced, the GLP offences for using electronic devices were the combination of MVA section 25.15 (25.15 (DD)) and prescribed fine 167.

Includes contraventions with statuses of: Cancelled by ICBC ticket admin, cancelled by enforcement officer or void.

Gender and age data fields are included in order to ensure the data sets are as useful as possible. It’s important to use proper data analysis and methodologies when using the open data sets to avoid reinforcing biases in conclusions or statements. ICBC is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

Due to system limitations, gender identities other than male or female are included as “Information not available”.

The contraventions open data set differs from ICBC’s Quick Statistics reports. Quick Statistics only includes guilty contraventions. The open data set includes all statuses.

Counts may differ from previous editions due to further development of data, rounding, late reporting or corrections. Data will continue to change, especially for recent years, as contravention statuses are updated and enforcement agencies continue to submit written violation tickets.

Crashes, contraventions and vehicle population data and trends from 2020 may be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data includes contraventions that occurred outside of B.C.

Due to system limitations, gender identities other than male or female are included as “Information not available"

Unknown age may include ages 12 and under and 100 and older.

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Data captured as of 09-Apr-2021

Contraventions data is available by late spring/early summer of the following year (i.e., spring 2021 for 2020 data). The source is ICBC’s Hadoop Big Data.

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