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These tables provide the conversion of voting areas (VAs) updated as a result of a provincial redistribution.

Each voting area is shown with the three character electoral district code followed by the numeric voting area code (e.g. CHC009 is voting area 009 in the Chilliwack electoral district).

The VA conversions are provided for the province as a whole, together with a separate worksheet for each ED indicated by the ED’s code (e.g. ABM for Abbotsford-Mission) on the worksheet tab. There may be more than one VA geographically associated with each VA.

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Tabular results of a geographic comparison of voting areas between one redistribution to another.

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Compares the spatial datasets: Provincial Electoral District Voting Areas - Gazetted 12/01/2016 and Provincial Electoral District Voting Areas - Gazetted 12/23/2015.

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Electoral Geography Division, Elections BC. Converted from Informix/DB2 to Microsoft .xls file by Elections BC.

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