Crown Charge Assessment Decisions

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Published by the Ministry of Attorney General - Criminal Justice
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A count of the charge assessment decisions made by the BC Prosecution Service.

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Data Quality
  • Data Source: JUSTIN
  • Data extracted from JUSTIN: July 4, 2017
  • As a Crown Charge Assessment Decision may change from time to time, this recport reflects the most recent Charge Decision entered in JUSTIN
  • Crown charge Assessment decisions are counted in relation to each accused person named on the Report to Crown Counsel (RCC)
  • The "Returned to Agency" charge decisions includes those where a Charge Decision has not been recorded in JUSTIN
  • Fiscal Year is based on the date the RCC was entered in JUSTIN
  • Includes only BC Prosecution Files

The information presented should be considered as estimates, at the point in time in which the report was created. As a result of ongoing data entry and maintenance, this information is subject to change slightly if extracted from the system at a future date.

Lineage Statement

The Justice Information System (JUSTIN) is an itegrated case management system which means that information about each case is entered only once, and is re-used by various justice agencies as the case moves from initiation through to disposition. JUSTIN supports the core business functions in criminal case processing and is used by RCMP, municipal police, Crown Counsel and Criminal Courts registry staff, Sheriff, Probation Services, Victim/Witness Services, Trial Schedulers, Judicial Case Managers and Corrections staff and some other Justice System partners.

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