Data Literacy Program Needs Assessment Survey Results

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Published by the Ministry of Citizens Services - Data Science and Analytics
Licensed under Open Government Licence - British Columbia

The data literacy program put out a survey to assess the current level of data literacy across the BC Public Service. The nine survey questions identified perceived and expressed needs to support data skills development. The survey was posted on an internal government web page of the Digital Platforms and Data Division (OCIO) for two weeks in June 2019. 267 people responded to the survey. This number comprises 20 executive users, 93 data professionals and 154 business users from 24 ministries and associated public agencies. The original nine survey questions (including category definitions) are provided in both PDF and text formats. The anonymous results data is provided in CSV format with 'selected/not selected' for multiple choice questions, and 'NA' indicating no response for text-based questions. Some text-based questions (3) are not included in the CSV to maintain privacy of respondents.

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