Draft Viewpoints for the Cariboo Region

URL: ftp://ftp.geobc.gov.bc.ca/publish/Regional/WilliamsLake/landuse/draft_viewpoints_and_lines/avqopts_rca.zip

Zipped file containing 2 shapefiles (AVQOPTS_RCA.shp and AVQOPTS_RCA_META_no_geom.shp). The META file contains information about how the dataset was developed.)

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Additional Information

Data Published 2005-07-28
Resource Last Modified 2015-06-10 03:25:27 PDT
License Open Government Licence - British Columbia
Resource Update Cycle notPlanned
Format shp
Resource Type Data
Resource Storage Access Method Direct Access
Resource Storage Location External
Spatial Reference System EPSG_3005 - NAD83 BC Albers
Data Collection End Date April 10, 2007