Provincial Fish Ranges - Generalized

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Published by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy - Knowledge Management
Licensed under Open Government Licence - British Columbia

This file contains a generalized representation of watersheds developed from the 1:50,000 BC Watershed Atlas with each region coded for occurrence of freshwater fish species (including anadromous salmon in their freshwater stages). The initial fish species codes for presence/absence in each watershed were derived from an GIS overlay of fish species occurrences within broadly defined fish regions for BC. This overlay of fish ranges describes the occurrences of fish species in 30 regions throughout the province. These broad species ranges were derived from McPhail and Carveth's 'Key to Freshwater Fish of BC' and refined further based on the most current expert opinion. Coding for watershed polygons based on this expert opinion was originally: 0= out of species range; 4 = core range; 5= introduced range; 6= peripheral range; 9= estuarine polygons only. A further refinement of watershed fish species coding was developed from actual observations of fish species in the lakes and rivers of British Columbia. This data comes from a number of fish inventory sources. Watersheds with known records of occurrence for each fish species were consequently recoded as such: 4, 5, 6, 9 now equal '1' if a museum record, and, 4, 5, 6, 9 now equal '2' for a less reliable record, and, 0 now equals '8'. for an out-of range record

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Latitude: 48.0° to 60.0°
Longitude: -139.5° to -113.5°

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To delineate the known distributions of freshwater fish species in BC watersheds and to create a GIS template for further development of models to predict distributions of BC's freshwater fish in unsurveyed watersheds.

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OrganizationMinistry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
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Record Published 2011-03-09
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Object Description


Short Name: FISH_RNG_G
Comments: FISS_FISH_RANGES_SP implements FISH RANGES within a spatial context. It was created by Al Sutherland to improve the performance of FISS_FISH_RANGES_SVW.

Column Name Short Name Data Type Data Precision Comments
SPECIES_CODE SPCSCD VARCHAR2 6 SPECIES_CODE is a unique code used to identify a SPECIES of fish.
SPECIES_NAME SPCSNM VARCHAR2 60 SPECIES_NAME is the common name for the fish species
RANGE_CODE RANGE_CODE VARCHAR2 12 RANGE CODE is the dimension of occurrence, for example, "Core" or "Peripheral".
SPECIES_RANGE_GROUP SPCS_RNG_P NUMBER 10 SPECIES RANGE GROUP is a value indicating which Species Code and Range Code group the feature is in.
FEATURE_AREA_SQM AREA_SQM NUMBER 19 FEATURE_AREA_SQM is the system calculated area of a two-dimensional polygon in square meters
FEATURE_LENGTH_M FEAT_LEN NUMBER 19 FEATURE_LENGTH_M is the system calculated length or perimeter of a geometry in meters
GEOMETRY GEOMETRY SDO_GEOMETRY 1 GEOMETRY is the column used to reference the spatial coordinates defining the feature.
OBJECTID OBJECTID NUMBER 38 OBJECTID is a required attribute of feature classes and object classes in a geodatabase.
SE_ANNO_CAD_DATA BLOB 4000 SE ANNO CAD DATA is a required field for SDO geometry used in SDE.