Electoral district voting area to municipal boundary conversion table

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Published by the Crown Corporations and Agencies - Elections BC
Licensed under Elections BC Open Data Licence

This file contains a conversion table of the provincial electoral districts voting areas that intersect with municipalities in British Columbia.

An electoral district voting area is a geographic area that contains up up to 700 registered voters. Each electoral district is divided into voting areas that are used to assign voters to voting places. (Election Act, s. 1, 80)

When creating voting area boundaries Elections BC tries to follow municipal boundaries, but in some cases, voting areas will split a municipal boundary to satisfy administrative requirements.

The voting areas used in this conversion table were gazetted on 20/23/2017 and were used in the 2017 Provincial General Election, the 2018 Kelowna West By-Election and the 2018 Nanaimo By-Election.

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This dataset provides municipalities the means to identify which electoral districts voting areas correspond to their jurisdiction when preparing a request for an extract of the provincial voters list to use as their register of resident electors.

Instructions for municipalities to request a voters list can be found here: https://elections.bc.ca/register-to-vote/the-provincial-voters-list/local-government-register-of-resident-electors/

Data Quality

This dataset is aligned to base features such as: the Digital Road Atlas 2 road network, the Freshwater Atlas, and road centre-line aligned municipal and regional district boundaries.

Verify electoral districts and voting areas to municipal boundaries here: https://elections.bc.ca/resources/maps/

Lineage Statement

Report generated by the Electoral Geography division at Elections BC using GIS software, based on overlay of provincial electoral district voting areas and municipal boundaries.

This dataset is updated on an ongoing basis as municipal and provincial electoral district voting area boundaries change.

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