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Published by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy - Environmental Assessment Office
Licensed under Open Government Licence - British Columbia

The dataset contains projects that are currently, or have been, subject to environmental assessment review. Attributes include the status of the review, descriptions of the project, the project type, project contact information, and documented related to the project. This layer consists of points themed two ways a. Project Status - This theme consists of four layers that reflect the potential status of a given EA review process - pre-application, application review, completed, and withdrawn. b. Project Sector - This theme consists of eight layers that reflect the potential sectors of projects under review - Transportation, Mining, Energy, Water, Waste, Tourism and Recreation, Industrial, and Other

Data and Resources

Dataset Extent

Latitude: 47.9° to 60.0°
Longitude: -133.8° to -111.6°

Additional Information


To provide public access to information related to projects subject to review under the Environmental Assessment Act.

Lineage Statement

Consistent with defined data structures.

Contact Information

NameGeoff McDonald (pointOfContact)
OrganizationMinistry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
Sub-OrganizationEnvironmental Assessment Office
NameMatthew Rodgers (pointOfContact)
OrganizationMinistry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
Sub-OrganizationEnvironmental Assessment Office

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Metadata Information

Record Published 2011-10-12
Record Last Modified 2019-05-04
Resource Status onGoing

Object Description


Short Name: EPIC_POINT
Comments: Point Location of an Environmental Assessment Project

Column Name Short Name Data Type Data Precision Comments
PROJECT_ID PROJECT_ID NUMBER 16 System generated unique key
GEOMETRY GEOMETRY SDO_GEOMETRY 1 GEOMETRY is the column used to reference the spatial coordinates defining the feature.
OBJECTID OBJECTID NUMBER 38 OBJECTID is a required attribute of feature classes and object classes in a geodatabase.
SE_ANNO_CAD_DATA BLOB 4000 SE_ANNO_CAD_DATA is a binary column used by spatial tools to store annotation, curve features and CAD data when using the SDO_GEOMETRY storage data type.