Forest Tenure Harvesting Authority Polygons

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Published by the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development - Forest Tenures
Licensed under Open Government Licence - British Columbia

This is a spatial layer that reflects operational activities for harvesting authorities. The harvesting authority is a legal area cleared by the Ministry of Forests and Range (that is, no other claims for the land exist) for harvesting purposes. This corresponds to the outlined areas on the Exhibit A maps. The Forest Tenures Section (FTS) is responsible for the creation and maintenance of digital Forest Atlas files for the province of British Columbia encompassing Forest and Range Act Tenures. It also supports the forest resources programs delivered by the MoFR. Each feature contains a Ministry of Forests and Range (MoFR) FEATURE_CLASS_SKEY (number) column that further defines the type of that feature. The layer contains harvesting authority boundaries for the following feature classes: Christmas Tree Permit (489), Forest Licence Cutting Permit (556), Licence to Cut (615), Timber Licence Cutting Permit (811), Timber Sale Licence Major Cutting Permit (818), Timber Sale Licence Minor (819), Tree Farm Licence Cutting Permit (834), WoodLot Licence Cutting Permit (864), Timber Sale Licence Minor Cutting Permit (917), and Community Forest Cutting Permit (2401). Each harvesting authority has a life cycle status code that is either PENDING - the harvesting authority has been submitted as a new harvesting authority or an amendment, but is not yet approved or rejected, ACTIVE - the harvesting authority is approved and activities may be taking place on the harvesting authority, or RETIRED - all activities have been completed for the harvesting authority

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Latitude: 48.0° to 60.0°
Longitude: -139.5° to -113.5°

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To support harvesting approval process, monitor forest tenures and support Integrated Land and Resource Registry application

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Base information originates from 1:20,000 and TRIM and 1:20,000 Cadastral.

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NameChantelle Abanilla (pointOfContact)
OrganizationMinistry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development
Sub-OrganizationForest Tenures

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Record Published 2011-03-09
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Short Name: FTN_HA_SVW
Comments: Information about the timber cutting permission for a timber tenure.

Column Name Short Name Data Type Data Precision Comments
HARVEST_AUTH_SKEY HVA_SKEY NUMBER 10 The unique identifer for the harvesting authority.
FOREST_FILE_ID FFID VARCHAR2 10 File identification assigned to Provincial Forest Use files. Assigned file number. Usually the Licence, Tenure or Private Mark number.
CUTTING_PERMIT_ID CP_ID VARCHAR2 3 Identifier for a cutting permit associated with a quota type harvesting tenure.
FEATURE_CLASS_SKEY FEAT_CLASS NUMBER 10 Unique identifier for a spatial feature class.
HARVESTING_AUTHORITY_ID HVA_ID VARCHAR2 30 The licensee provided identifier for non-cp related harvesting tenure. E.g. Fort St. John harvesting authority.
HA_MGMT_UNIT_ID HVA_MGMTID VARCHAR2 4 The administrative management unit identifier defined by the ministry for managing the forest tenure, eg. 41 - Dawson Creek TSA.
HA_MGMT_UNIT_TYPE_CODE HVA_MGMTCD VARCHAR2 1 A code identifying the type of Management Unit which determines the applicable administrative policies for the forest land.
HARVEST_TYPE_CODE HRV_TP_CD VARCHAR2 1 Identifies the type of harvesting authority. Valid values include 'Green', 'Road', 'Multi-Mark', and 'Fort St. John'.
HARVEST_TYPE_DESCRIPTION HRV_TP_DSC VARCHAR2 120 Description of the harvest type.
HARVEST_AUTH_STATUS_CODE HVA_ST_CD VARCHAR2 3 The after status image of the harvesting authority. The status indicates the point the harvesting authority is at in it's lifecycle. Examples are: PP - Planning, HA - Harvesting, LC - Logging Complete, and S - Silviculture.
ISSUE_DATE ISSUE_DATE DATE 7 Date the harvest authorization was issued.
EXPIRY_DATE EXPIRY_DT DATE 7 Initial expiry date set upon activation of the harvest authorization.
EXTEND_DATE EXTEND_DT DATE 7 Date to which the harvest authorization validity has been extended. Current expiry date.
CURRENT_EXPIRY_DATE_CALC CURR_EX_DT DATE 7 The current expiry date of the harvest authority. Calculated from the greater of Expiry date and Extend Date.
QUOTA_TYPE_CODE QTA_TP_CD VARCHAR2 1 A Timber Supply Area will have volumes assigned to one or more partitions, which are in effect different timber type classifications, or geographic locations. Under each partition are the different apportionments. Examples of Partitions are
QUOTA_TYPE_DESCRIPTION QTA_TP_DSC VARCHAR2 120 Description of the quota type.
CROWN_LANDS_REGION_CODE CR_LND_CD VARCHAR2 1 A code to identify one of eight crown land regions within the province of British Columbia.
CROWN_LANDS_REGION_DESCRIPTION CR_LND_DSC VARCHAR2 120 Description of the crown lands region.
SALVAGE_TYPE_CODE SAL_TP_CD VARCHAR2 3 Code describing the salvage type.
SALVAGE_TYPE_DESCRIPTION SAL_TP_DSC VARCHAR2 120 Description of the salvage type.
CASCADE_SPLIT_CODE CASC_SP_CD VARCHAR2 1 Code to indicate the administrative split for the timber mark, east or west of the Cascade Mountains, for tracking timber volume information.
CATASTROPHIC_IND CATAST_IND VARCHAR2 1 Indicates if the damage to the stand of timber iscatastrophic. Otherwise, it is endemic.
CROWN_GRANTED_IND CR_GRT_IND VARCHAR2 1 Indicator to signify whether the land that the timber mark pertains to has a verifiable crown grant document.
CRUISE_BASED_IND CRUISE_IND VARCHAR2 1 Indicates whether a cruise was used for billing purposes.
DECIDUOUS_IND DECID_IND VARCHAR2 1 Indicates whether the timber mark is primarily for harvesting deciduous species. Otherwise, coniferous.
RETIREMENT_DATE RETIRE_DT DATE 7 The date the harvesting authority was retired from the spatial conflict layer.
FEATURE_AREA FEAT_AREA NUMBER 15 Spatial feature area in square metres. This value is calculated.
FEATURE_PERIMETER FEAT_PERIM NUMBER 12 Spatial perimeter length in metres. This value is calculated.
ADMIN_DISTRICT_CODE ADM_DST_CD VARCHAR2 6 The code of the administrative district associated with this harvest authority.
ADMIN_DISTRICT_NAME ADM_DST_NM VARCHAR2 100 The name of the administrative district associated with this harvest authority.
GEOGRAPHIC_DISTRICT_CODE GEO_DST_CD VARCHAR2 6 The code of the district in which this harvest authority is located.
GEOGRAPHIC_DISTRICT_NAME GEO_DST_NM VARCHAR2 100 The name of the district in which this harvest authority is located.
LOCATION LOCATION VARCHAR2 100 Contains the land legal information for the harvest authority. Land legal information indicates where the land is legally located, such as "Lot 3 of DL 343, Plan 3422".
TIMBER_MARK_PRIME TM_PRIME VARCHAR2 10 Unique identifying set of characters to be stamped or marked on the end of each log to associate the log withthe specific authority to harvest and move timber.
MARKING_METHOD_CODE_PRIME MRK_MD_CD VARCHAR2 1 Code indicating the method of marking the truckload ofharvested timber.
MARKING_METHOD_DESC_PRIME MRK_MD_DSC VARCHAR2 120 Description of the marking method.
MARKING_INSTRUMENT_CODE_PRIME MRK_IN_CD VARCHAR2 1 Code indicating the instrument used for marking the truckload of harvested timber.
MARKING_INSTRUMENT_DESC_PRIME MRK_IN_DSC VARCHAR2 120 Description of the marking instrument.
OTHER_TIMBER_MARK_IND OTH_TM_IND VARCHAR2 1 used to represent if there are more than two timber_marks for the havesting authority
CLIENT_NUMBER CLIENT_NUM VARCHAR2 8 Sequentially assigned number to identify a ministry client.
CLIENT_LOCATION_CODE CL_LOC_CD VARCHAR2 2 A code to uniquely identify within each client, the addresses of different divisions or locations at which the client operates. The location code is sequentially assigned starting with '00' for the client's permanent address.
CLIENT_NAME CLIENT_NM VARCHAR2 91 The name of the Ministry Client - Company or Individual. Entered as: the full corporate name if a Corporation; the full registered name if a Partnership; the legal name if an Individual.
FILE_TYPE_CODE FILE_TP_CD VARCHAR2 3 The FTAS code to indicate the type of file, and often synonymous with a tenure or a project.
FILE_TYPE_DESCRIPTION FIL_TP_DSC VARCHAR2 120 Description of the file type.
FILE_STATUS_CODE FILE_ST_CD VARCHAR2 3 The current status of the forest land use, eg., Pending - Planned, Harvesting - Suspended, Active. This is a subset of Timber_Status_Code.
PFU_MGMT_UNIT_ID PFU_MGMTID VARCHAR2 4 The number that is assigned to a specific administrative management unit. Specific to the Forest File.
SB_FUNDED_IND SB_FND_IND VARCHAR2 1 Inidcates if the forest file is funded by the small business.
BCTS_ORG_UNIT_CODE BCTS_ORGCD VARCHAR2 6 The BCTS Org Unit Code associated with the forest file.
BCTS_ORG_UNIT_NAME BCTS_ORGNM VARCHAR2 100 The name of the BCTS Org Unit associated with the forest file.
LIFE_CYCLE_STATUS_CODE LIFE_ST_CD VARCHAR2 10 The state of the life cycle of this record. One of Pending, Active or Retired.
MAP_LABEL MAP_LABEL VARCHAR2 14 The default label to be used when displaying the feature on a map. Consists of the FOREST_FILE_ID and CUTTING_PERMIT_ID.
GEOMETRY GEOMETRY SDO_GEOMETRY 64 GEOMETRY is the column used to reference the spatial coordinates defining the feature.
OBJECTID OBJECTID NUMBER 38 OBJECTID is a required attribute of feature classes and object classes in a geodatabase.