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Published by the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development - Regional Operations - South Coast
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Data representing the Howe Sound Cumulative Effects Project area in British Columbia: six key Grizzly Bear population and habitat indicators (population status, human-caused mortality, hunter day density, front-country in habitat, capable secure core area, and mid-seral dense conifer stands in habitat); five supplemental Grizzly Bear population and habitat factors (bear density, road density, quality food, capable habitat protected, and front/back-country encounter classification); and other supplemental environmental information.

The conceptual model used for this assessment is derived from the Interim Assessment Protocol for Grizzly Bear in British Columbia (Tier 1 Provincial Scale Grizzly Bear Assessment Protocol) Standards for British Columbia’s Cumulative Effects Framework Values Foundation, 2017 ( The data inputs used in the GIS analysis that generated this assessment dataset are from 2015.

The Data and Resources section below includes layers evaluated by landscape units, and the Front Country, Back Country and Encounter Classification layer.

For information on other layers:
Layers evaluated by Grizzly Bear population units -
Broad Ecosystem Inventory (BEI) Capability -
Sea-to-Sky Grizzly Bear Recovery Area -
Grizzly Bear Road Class -

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Cumulative Effects data is made available to the public and land managers for the purpose of informing natural resource decision-making in BC.

Data Quality

This dataset currently contains results for South Coast Natural Resource Region of British Columbia. Other regions will be added as the assessment results are made available.

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Landscape Units of British Columbia form the assessment unit boundaries for this dataset:

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