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Indicator Summary Data: Land Designations that Contribute to Conservation in B.C.

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Published by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy - Knowledge Management
Licensed under Open Government Licence - British Columbia

These tabular datasets are the result of an analysis completed for the 'Land Designations that Contribute to Conservation in B.C.' indicator published on Environmental Reporting BC.

Land designations that contribute to conservation are spatially-defined areas established through legislation or purchased for the protection of nature and cultural values, the conservation of biological diversity and ecosystem services and the management of natural resources. Over 40 land designations were divided into three broad categories:

  • Protected Lands includes all Parks & Protected Areas with the primary purpose of the long-term conservation of nature and cultural values. This category includes a subcategory called Other Protected Lands which are those Protected Lands not managed by a Parks agency (For example, lands held Non-Governmental Organizations).

  • Resource Exclusion Areas includes all designations that fully exclude one or two resource activities for the purpose of conservation.

  • Spatially Managed Areas includes all spatial designations managing or limiting development or a resource activity for the purpose of conservation, or a spatial management regime in place to preserve specified elements of biodiversity but where activity is still allowed to occur.

This record contains tabular summaries of the area and percentage of land in each of the categories, at a provincial scale as well as by Biogeoclimatic Zone, Ecoregion and Ecosection.

This analysis was completed using land designations spatial data from here, available as of November 2, 2017. The R code for reproducing this indicator summary data is available on GitHub.

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