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Published by the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development - Resource Planning and Assessment
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All natural resource development activities have the ability to impact the condition of ecosystem values. In British Columbia, the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA) lists 11 resource values essential to sustainable forest management in the province; biodiversity, cultural heritage, fish/riparian and watershed, forage and associated plant communities, recreation, resource features, soils, timber, visual quality, water, and wildlife. FRPA requires the forest industry develop results and strategies that are consistent with objectives set by Government for the conservation of these values. The Forest and Evaluation Program (FREP) uses effectiveness evaluations to monitor the effects of forest activity on the condition of the FRPA values. The results of these evaluations are used to determine if FRPA objectives are being met, and if practices and legislation are meeting government’s broader intent for sustainable use of resources. Effectiveness evaluations do not assess compliance with legal requirements. Instead, these evaluations assess the effects of development activities and natural influences on the condition of Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA) values, often using comparisons with baseline data, regardless of whether practices are in compliance with legislation.

These evaluations are meant to help resource managers in the following ways: assess whether resource development is done sustainably; provide transparency and accountability for the management of public resources; balance decision making in consideration of environmental, social, and economic factors; and guide ongoing improvement of resource management practices, policies, and legislation.

The Multiple Resource Value Assessment report is a summary of the available field-based assessments conducted within the Quesnel Natural Resource District. Field assessments are generally conducted on, or near, recently harvested cut blocks and therefore are only evaluating the impact of industrial activity at the site level, and not the overall condition of the value. This Multiple Resource Value Assessment (MRVA) report was developed by the BC government and includes a district manager commentary on the key strengths and opportunities for improvement of natural resource management in the Natural Resource District of Quesnel. Currently it includes the results of monitoring carried out for riparian, water quality, visual quality, stand level biodiversity and cultural heritage across the province. Data for other values may be added over time.

The goal is for the information presented here to support decision makers when communicating the expectations for sustainable resource management of public resources and to identify opportunities to improve stewardship.

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