Local Government Population and Household Projections (2018-2027)

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Published by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing - Planning and Land Use Management
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This dataset contains population and household projections for 2018-2027 including: overall population, gender distribution, age distribution, median age, average age, population growth rates, number of households, average number of people per household.

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This dataset is intended to support BC local governments in meeting provincial requirements to develop housing needs reports.

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Projections are available at the regional district level only.

One method for using this data to determine projections for individual municipalities and electoral areas is to: (1) determine a municipality or electoral area's current share of the regional district's population/households. This could be done by looking at current municipal population estimates from BC Stats; (2) assume these shares remain the same in the projection period; and (3) apply these shares to the projected regional district data to come up with population and household projections for the municipality/electoral area.

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This dataset was prepared and provided by BC Stats.

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