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Published by the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction - Research Branch
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Metadata for the BC Employment and Assistance Program (BCEA), including de-identified caseload and involvement data (January 1995 to December 2017). This data uses two months of reconciliation, which accounts for 99% of all transactions for any given benefit month. It also includes historical data (February 1989 to December 1994). See Data Quality comments.

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This record describes the fields (variables) in a collection of administrative data files created for statistical analysis. Access to the data in this record is granted through the Data Innovation Program. For more information about the program please visit

Data Quality

BCEA program caseload and involvements for 1989 to 1994 is referred to as historical data. It includes complex data collected prior to significant changes in the data collection structure and processes. Subject matter expertise is required to correctly interpret data from this time frame.

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The data was extracted from the Gain Research Database (GRD) and then provided to the Data Innovation Program for use and stewardship.

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