North Cowichan Ortho-Imagery, LiDAR, Contours

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Published by the Local Government - Municipality of North Cowichan
Licensed under Open Government Licence – Municipality of North Cowichan

Contains 10cm resolution ortho-imagery, 12-15 points per meter LiDAR, and 1 meter contours derived from the LiDAR. The data was collected during leaf--off conditions late May 2017. The LiDAR is classified into ground, vegetation, and buildings.

This data may only be used under the terms of the Open Government License - Municipality of North Cowichan. You are encouraged to contact the data custodian if you have any questions regarding fitness for use.

Data is refreshed daily Monday to Friday.

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The data was developed as part of the open data program to increase public access to North Cowichan information.

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Ortho-imagery, LiDAR and contours collected late spring 2017. Ortho-imagery accuracy is estimated to be 7.5cm horizontally and 9.5cm vertically at 68% confidence interval. The LiDAR data has an average point density of 12-15 points/sq. meter and an accuracy of 7.3cm at 95% confidence level. The contour data was directly smoothed from the LiDAR data.

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See data quality.

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Sub-OrganizationMunicipality of North Cowichan

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