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Published by the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development - Regional Operations - South Coast
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The Stewardship Baseline Objectives Tool (SBOT) is a visualization and assessment tool to clarify and communicate baseline information and stewardship objectives for priority resource values. Currently, the tool is developed for the South Coast Region. The intent of the tool is to assess the current, past and future state of stewardship objectives to support operational, tactical and strategic management decisions for these priority resource values.

The Oregon Spotted Frog (OSF) is a cryptic aquatic specialist whose Latin name, Rana pretiosa, translates to “Precious Frog". This frog is found in water year-round, though it will occasionally use riparian habitats. Preferred habitat is shallow marsh wetland but this species also makes its home in ditches, sloughs, and flooded agricultural fields. Oregon Spotted Frogs are critically endangered in Canada as they are found in only 6 watersheds, all in the Lower Fraser Valley. They are also at-risk throughout their U.S. range where they have been extirpated from California, are declining in Oregon, and have been listed as threatened in Washington. Protection and recovery actions are a high priority in B.C. for this species which is threatened by habitat destruction, invasive species, and modifications to hydrology and wetland habitats. More information is available at www.preciousfrog.ca

Data used in the Oregon Spotted Frog SBOT:

Augumentation by Lifestages - https://catalogue.data.gov.bc.ca/dataset/65f8180c-ff11-41f3-90a6-779dc06a6cdb
Augumentation by Population - https://catalogue.data.gov.bc.ca/dataset/6cc54c04-0017-4fa4-9eeb-98973dadc093
Critical Habitats on Federal Lands - https://catalogue.data.gov.bc.ca/dataset/27793206-76aa-412f-8a54-83fba976e141
Critical Habitats on Non-Federal Lands - https://catalogue.data.gov.bc.ca/dataset/bb7afaa5-806b-4f27-b1b2-ef5670a6d62c
OSF Habitats - https://catalogue.data.gov.bc.ca/dataset/bbe5812f-4d38-4eac-82ec-7306a3df3d08
OSF Hotspots - https://catalogue.data.gov.bc.ca/dataset/07dbb89d-a5e5-4d71-9d97-331a59d1ecf4
OSF Range - https://catalogue.data.gov.bc.ca/dataset/aa0379ff-a574-4cf0-8772-297e87289416
OSF Recovery Habitats - https://catalogue.data.gov.bc.ca/dataset/83d72fa7-66ab-465e-bfa9-198274b2483c
OSF Survival Habitats - https://catalogue.data.gov.bc.ca/dataset/9d4cac2c-5d1d-4742-8c8e-82525183097f
Population Historic Location - https://catalogue.data.gov.bc.ca/dataset/819c6470-921c-4a4c-a28f-b9f9a0f88e60

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