Police-Reported Crash Data (TAS)

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Published by the Crown Corporations and Agencies - Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
Licensed under Open Data Licence for ICBC Information

Accident details for all police-attended crashes in British Columbia

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To increase public transparency by allowing data to be easily accessed, reduce data requests, and support research initiatives, stakeholders, and our shareholder. This initiative also supports the BC Government's Open Data Initiative.

Data Quality

Police crash data is gathered from reports completed by police or submitted by individuals to police.

Since 2008, there have been several legislative changes regarding the reporting of motor vehicle crashes to/by a police officer. This has led to a marked decrease in the number of police-attended crash reports submitted to ICBC, particularly for crashes that do not involve fatalities.

The number of reports submitted by individuals to police is also very low, as it’s not mandatory that a crash be reported to police. ICBC crash data is significantly higher as basic insurance coverage through ICBC is mandatory so crash occurrences are reported to ICBC. Therefore, ICBC crash data is a more comprehensive view on crashes and injuries in B.C.

Up to four contributing factors may be assigned by police to a single crash.

Data excludes roads where the Motor Vehicle Act does not apply, such as forest-service roads, industrial roads and private driveways. Also excludes off-road snowmobile crashes, homicides and suicides.

Gender and age data fields are included in order to ensure the data sets are as useful as possible. It’s important to use proper data analysis and methodologies when using the open data sets to avoid reinforcing biases in conclusions or statements. ICBC is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

Counts may differ from previous editions due to further development of data, rounding, late reporting or corrections.

Crashes, contraventions and vehicle population data and trends from 2020 may be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data includes incidents that occurred in parking lots or involved parked vehicles.

Crashes that occurred outside of B.C. have been excluded.

Undisclosed municipality information: In some municipalities, crash counts can be too small to disclose in order to protect the privacy of those involved in a crash. For this reason, not all municipalities are available in all data sets.

Lineage Statement

Data captured as of 30-Jun-2020

Police data on crashes and fatalities is available by late summer/early fall of the following year (i.e., summer/fall 2021 for 2020 data). The source is the Police Traffic Accident System.

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