Provincial Voting Areas to Voting Place Assignment Tables

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Published by the Crown Corporations and Agencies - Elections BC
Licensed under Elections BC Open Data Licence

This table provides the assignment of voting areas (VAs) to a general voting place for provincial electoral events.

Each voting area is shown with the three character electoral district code followed by the numeric voting area code (e.g. CHC009 is voting area 009 in the Chilliwack electoral district). The assigned voting place is identified by a standard address ID, street address, locality and building name.

The currency date is indicative of when the data was extracted. The event name and event date fields indicates which electoral event a voting area was assigned to a particular voting place.

This dataset includes voting area to voting place assignments for the 2017 Provincial General Election, the 2018 West-Kelowna By-election, the 2019 Nanaimo By-election and the 2020 Provincial General Election.

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Latitude: 48.0° to 60.0°
Longitude: -139.5° to -113.5°

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A tabular list of provincial voting areas and their assigned voting places. This data can be combined with Provincial Voting Places and Provincial Electoral District Voting Areas data to illustrate voting area assignments for an electoral event.

Data Quality

Please note that this data is updated on an ongoing basis leading up to electoral events and may not be indicative of the final voting area to voting place assignments. The data can be considered finalised for an event when the date in the STATUS_UPDATE field is greater or equal to the EVENT_DATE field.

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Electoral Geography Division, Elections BC. Converted from Oracle database tables to a Microsoft .csv file by Elections BC.

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NameGlen Beckwith (businessExpert)
OrganizationCrown Corporations and Agencies
Sub-OrganizationElections BC
NameMing Kang (distributor)
OrganizationCrown Corporations and Agencies
Sub-OrganizationElections BC

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Record Published 2017-03-29
Record Last Modified 2020-11-16
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Short Name: EBCVAVP
Comments: EBC_VOTING_AREAS_VOTING_PLACES contains descriptions of the voting places used in BC Provincial Elections, including their assignment to voting areas. This is a non-spatial dataset.

Column Name Short Name Data Type Data Precision Comments
VOTING_AREA_VOTING_PLACE_ID VTNGPL_ID NUMBER 10 VOTING_AREA_VOTING_PLACE_ID is a system generated unique identification number.
ED_NAME ED_NAME VARCHAR2 100 ED_NAME is the full electoral district name of the electoral district that this voting place is being used for, e.g., Victoria Swan Lake
ED_ABBREVIATION ED_ABBR VARCHAR2 3 ED_ABBREVIATION is the electoral district abbreviation of the electoral district that this voting place is being used for, e.g., VTS.
VA_CODE VA_CODE VARCHAR2 4 VA_CODE is the voting area code; uniquely identifies a voting area within a boundary set and electoral district. The value is 3-digit leading zero numeric with an optional single character suffix. E.g., 020, 020S.
EDVA_CODE EDVA VARCHAR2 7 EDVA_CODE Is a string concatenation of the ED_ABBREVIATION and VA_CODE, e.g., VTS020.
EVENT_NAME EVENT_NM VARCHAR2 100 EVENT_NAME is the name of the electoral event, e.g.,2017 General Election, 2017 VTB By-election.
EVENT_DATE_TEXT EVENT_DT VARCHAR2 15 EVENT_DATE_TEXT is the date on which the electoral event took place. This is formated as MM/DD/YYYY, e.g., 09/05/2017.
ADDRESS_STANDARD_ID ADDRESS_ID NUMBER 10 ADDRESS_STANDARD_ID is the Elections BC-supplied unique address ID associated with the voting place.
STREET_ADDRESS STRT_ADDR VARCHAR2 100 STREET_ADDRESS is a textual string which includes unit, building number, street name, street type, direction, e.g., "Unit 1, 234 Main Street W"
LOCALITY LOCALITY VARCHAR2 50 LOCALITY is the name of the municipality, community, Indian reservation, subdivision, regional district, aboriginal lands, or natural feature where the address is located in, e.g., Saanich
BUILDING_ID BLDG_ID NUMBER 10 BUILDING_ID is a unique identifier for the voting place building assigned by Elections BC.
BUILDING_NAME BLDG_NAME VARCHAR2 100 BUILDING_NAME is the name by which the voting place building is known, e.g., Doncaster School.
WHEN_UPDATED_TEXT WHEN_UPDT VARCHAR2 15 WHEN_UPDATED_TEXT is the date and time the record was last modified, formatted as MM/DD/YYYY, e.g.,02/01/2017.