Recreation Trails for the Cariboo Region

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Published by the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development - Regional Operations - Cariboo
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Trails from ART, parts of the Chilcotin, Horsefly, 100 Mile, Quesnel, Williams Lake, Bike Trails, Gold Rush Trail, Kluskus, Chilcotin Mtn. To extract the linear features that support the SRMP buffered trails, query for SRMP_BUFFER = 'YES'

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Dataset Extent

Latitude: 50.7° to 53.6°
Longitude: -126.0° to -120.0°

Additional Information


To support MSRM provincial contact centres in the province of British Columbia.

Data Quality

Warning: Not complete coverage of all trails in the Cariboo region, just what has been received as of Nov 20, 2003 Warning: Some trails are duplicated, since some sources overlap each other; Warning: DUPLICATION has NOT been taken out for ART, South Chilcotin, Chilcotin, Kluskus or Quesnel. Important Attributes:
- SOURCE = name of file that trails came from, may be most useful if also read with the DATACREATOR attribute - DATACREATOR = short description of where the file came from, and what it holds - TRAIL_TYPE = "MOF DISTRICT" - code if known that the MOF District created the trail - TRAIL_TYPE = "PUBLIC INPUT" - code if known that the public outlined where the trail was (mostly from SRMP open-houses)
- TRAIL_TYPE = "UNKNOWN" - unsure how trail was created and what it is - TRAIL_TYPE = "SNOWMOBILE" - trail used for snowmobiling - TRAIL_TYPE = "MTN BIKE" - trail used for mountain biking - Other TRAIL_TYPE codes may exist

Lineage Statement

This data has been developed for regional operations.

Production Date: Appended on May 09, 2003 by jnballen, compiled in p0305500/append_covs. Source: Multiple sources: MOF Districts, Public Input, FRBC money for Mtn Bike Trails (Red Shreds), Sandy Hart, Fritz Mueller, Red Stone

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NameCariboo Geospatial Services (pointOfContact)
OrganizationMinistry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development
Sub-OrganizationRegional Operations - Cariboo

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