Roll Totals by Jurisdiction and Historical Assessed Value Changes by Class and Jurisdiction

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Published by the Crown Corporations and Agencies - BC Assessment Authority
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An assessment is the determination of a property’s market value, classification and applicable exemptions each year. In early January, property owners receive a BC Assessment Property Assessment Notice showing the property’s value, class and applicable exemptions. This assessment is the basis used by taxing authorities for determining the share of municipal and provincial property taxes owners will pay.

The Roll Totals by Jurisdiction data provides information on the number of assessed folios, their aggregated land, improvement and total assessed values and the taxable land, improvement and total values. The data is further broken down by property class and can be viewed at provincial, assessment area and jurisdiction levels.

Historical Assessed Value Changes by Class and Jurisdiction show the average change between July 01 of the past and current years for residential, commercial and light industrial property classes for jurisdictions in the province of BC.

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The purpose of the dataset is to provide information on current and historical assessed values of properties in British Columbia as delivered to local governments and the Province.

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