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These Soil Mapping Data Packages include

  1. a Soil Map dataset which includes the equivalents to Soil Project Boundaries, Soil Survey Spatial View mapping polygons with attributes from the Soil Name and Layer Files, plus
  2. A Soil Site dataset which includes soil pit site information and detailed soil pit descriptions and any associated lab analyses, and
  3. The Soil Data Dictionary which documents the fields and allowable codes within the data. The Soil Map geodatabase contains the 'best available' data ranging from 1:20,000 scale to 1:250,000 scale with overlapping data removed. The choice of the datasets that remain is based on connectivity to the soil attributes (soil name and layer files), map scale and survey date. (Note: the BC Soil Landscapes of Canada (BCSLC) 1:1,000,000 data has not been included in the Soil_Map or SIFT, but is available from: CANSIS. (A complete soils data package with overlapping soil survey mapping and BCSLC is available on request. Note that the soil survey data with attributes can also be viewed interactively in the [Soil Information Finder Tool](The Soil Map dataset is also available for interactive map viewing or as KMZs from the Soil Information Finder Tool website.

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Dataset Extent

Latitude: 48.0° to 60.0°
Longitude: -139.5° to -113.5°

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The soil mapping and soil site information can be used to inform a variety of decisions, including land management practices for agriculture, forestry or other uses. ecosystems, wildlife habitat characterization, water holding capacity and drainage, and others, Soil attributes include soil composition (mineral or organic), soil texture, coarse fragment content, drainage, soil layer thicknesses and characteristics, soil physical and chemical properties, as well as landform and parent material. Soil mapping is also the basis for derived or interpreted products or themes including soil capability for agriculture, erosion potential, soil suitability for urban settlement or septic field absorption capability or engineering uses, areas subject to inundation or with high water tables, and other interpretations,

Data Quality

Soil surveys range is age, map scale and quality. Most soil surveys were completed prior to the mid 1980's. These maps typically show up to three soils that are known or expected to occur in each polygon. Minor amounts of other soils may also be present but could not be specifically mapped at the scale of the survey. Polygon boundaries are also approximate. Therefore, at any point on the map, it is probable that one of the mapped soils will be present, but it is not guaranteed. The likelihood that the information is accurate at any given point on the ground depends on survey and mapping scale, as well as activities that have taken place on that point since the area was mapped (i.e., cultivation, drainage installation, erosion). Soil Mapping and Classification Standards and related documents are available at:

Lineage Statement

Original soil mapping would have been completed on aerial photos, manually transferred to paper topographic maps which were drafted to create published maps, and later digitized. With NAD coordinate shifts and overlay of this data on more recent topographic basemaps, polygon boundaries may be sifted relative to topographic features such as lakes and rivers; though shifts are not necessarily consistent across a mapsheet or region. Similar spatial accuracy issues exist with the BCSIS soil pit dataset.

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