Survey of Perception of Police in BC 2012

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Published by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General and Emergency BC - Policing and Security
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Results from the 2012 Survey of British Columbia's perceptions of police.

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A telephone survey of public perceptions of the police was conducted in June/July, 2012. The survey was designed by Police Services Division based on existing standardized survey instruments used in Canada and internationally. Sentis Market Research was retained to conduct the survey.

A total of 2,400 surveys were completed. For this total sample the results have a maximum margin of error of +/-2% at the 95% level of confidence.

The methodology consisted of random digit dialing with preferential selection for those aged 15-34, as they are the most difficult age cohort to survey. Quotas were set by region, age and gender to reflect the population in BC. Some categories were somewhat under and over-represented in the survey population relative to the actual population. To correct for this, a weight variable was applied to the data. This weight variable ensures that the distributions for region, age and gender in the sample match exactly the distributions for region, age and gender in the actual BC population.

The survey contained questions on the following topics: • public confidence in local police departments and police in general in BC; • perceptions of how well police are doing on a variety aspects of policing including enforcement, public safety, public relations; • the type of contact the public has with police and measure satisfaction with the way in which they were dealt with; • perception of public safety in one’s own neighbourhood and the perceived change in the level of safety compared to a year ago and to other neighbourhoods; • the degree to which the public is concerned about being victimized; • the incidence of crime experienced by the public and the degree to which crime is not reported and the associated reasons for not doing so and; • the awareness of services and programs offered for victims of crime.

A report on the results of the survey was published on Police Service’s Division’s website in February 2013 as a part of the B.C. Policing Plan consultation document.

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