Terrestrial Ecosystem Information (TEI) Data Distribution Packages

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The TEI Data Distribution packages in this folder contain of the full Terrestrial Ecosystem Information (TEI) dataset split into Predictive Ecosystem Mapping (PEM) data and non-PEM data which includes Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM), Terrain Mapping (TER), Bioterrain Mapping (TBT) Terrain Stability Mapping (TSM), Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory (SEI), Soil Mapping (SOIL project boundaries only), and Wildlife Habitat Ratings (WHR project boundaries only) by Natural Resource Sector Region (see Index map .pdf).

Data includes the Project Boundaries (with project metadata and links to related data such as reports), Long Table (detailed mapping polygons with the full RISC standard attribute table), Short Table (detailed mapping polygons with key and amalgamated (concatenated) attributes derived from Long Table), On-site Symbol features (point, line or polygon terrain features such as landslide tracks, scarps), Sample Sites (field sampling locations), and any user-defined tables. The data dictionary is also available. This data is in file geodatabase format.

Note that the Soil Mapping dataset is available from: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/esd/distdata/ecosystems/Soil_Data/SOIL_DATA_FGDB/

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TEI is the stratification of a landscape into map units, according to a combination of features, primarily climate, physiography surficial material, bedrock geology, soil, and vegetation. TEI provides: a biological and ecological framework for land management; a means of integrating abiotic and biotic ecosystem components on one map; basic information on the distribution of ecosystems and landforms from which management interpretations (e.g., broad-scale landscape planning, site-specific interpretations) can be developed; a basis for rating values of resources or indicating sensitivities in the landscape; a historic record of ecological site conditions that can be used as a framework for monitoring ecosystem response to management; and a demonstration tool for portraying ecosystem and landscape diversity as well as enduring landforms. This dataset should be used and interpreted in consultation with a qualified ecosystem and/or terrain mapper.

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