Tourism Sites (Francophone)

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Published by the Office of the Premier and Cabinet Office - Intergovernmental Relations Secretariat
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This dataset is comprised of tourism related businesses in British Columbia offering services in French. The source data is managed and compiled by the Société de développement économique Colombie-Britannique.

The types of services include tourist accommodations, restaurants, pubs and bars, retail stores, sightseeing and tour operators.

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Dataset Extent

Latitude: 48.0° to 60.0°
Longitude: -139.5° to -113.5°

Additional Information


The primary use of this data is to provide information about Francophone Tourism Services at specific civic address locations in B.C.

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NameChantal Brodeur (pointOfContact)
OrganizationOffice of the Premier and Cabinet Office
Sub-OrganizationIntergovernmental Relations Secretariat

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Record Published 2014-12-15
Record Last Modified 2021-09-28
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Object Description


Comments: GSR_FRPH_TOURISM_SVW describes French speaking tourism services offered to visitors in BC. The types of services include Tourist accommodations; restaurants, pubs and bars; retail store; and sightseeing and tour operators.

Column Name Short Name Data Type Data Precision Comments
CUSTODIAN_ORG_DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2 200 CUSTODIAN_ORG_DESCRIPTION contains the name or description of the custodial organization (usually Ministry and Branch)
BUSINESS_CATEGORY_CLASS VARCHAR2 1000 BUSINESS_CATEGORY_CLASS designates the category of business, i.e., francophoneServicesTourism
BUSINESS_CATEGORY_DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2 1000 BUSINESS_CATEGORY_DESCRIPTION describes the category of business, i.e., Francophone services - tourism
OCCUPANT_TYPE_DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2 500 OCCUPANT_TYPE_DESCRIPTION contains the description of the occupant type, e.g. Hospital
SOURCE_DATA_ID VARCHAR2 20 SOURCE_DATA_ID is a unique occupant id either supplied by the source data system or produced by GSR, depending on the value of SUPPLIED_SOURCE_ID_IND
SUPPLIED_SOURCE_ID_IND VARCHAR2 1 SUPPLIED_SOURCE_ID_IND is an indicator of whether the source data id was supplied by the supplier (Y) or DataBC (N)
OCCUPANT_NAME VARCHAR2 500 OCCUPANT_NAME is a business name that can identify the occupant who provides the BC Government or BC Government related services to public.
DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2 4000 DESCRIPTION describes the Occupant in more detail, e.g., 100-seat restaurant that is original, family-oriented, fun and diverse. Refined but informal meals, featuring eclectic fare prepared with 40% organic ingredients. Welcoming, friendly atmosphere, sunny patio, fireplaces, licensed premises and parking. Reservations recommended. Open daily from 5 to 10 p.m. French spoken at all times.
PHYSICAL_ADDRESS VARCHAR2 1000 PHYSICAL_ADDRESS contains the civic or non-civic address as a single string, structured according to the specification of the Physical Address and Geocoding Standard, e.g., 420 GORGE RD E, VICTORIA, BC.
ALIAS_ADDRESS VARCHAR2 1000 ALIAS_ADDRESS contains an address string, not a parsed address. It is the address that will be displayed for presentation purposes, e.g., 32900 Marshall Road, Abbotsford, BC
STREET_ADDRESS VARCHAR2 200 STREET_ADDRESS is a free form expression of the site descriptor (e.g., unit) and the civic building number / street / street indicator portion of an address, e.g., Unit 1, 123 Main Street East.
POSTAL_CODE VARCHAR2 10 POSTAL_CODE is the Canadian Postal code value associated with the physical address, e.g., V9Z 2K1
LOCALITY VARCHAR2 100 LOCALITY is the name of the municipality, community, Federal Indian Reserve (IR), subdivision, regional district, indigenous land or natural feature the occupant site is located in, e.g., Victoria, Saanich IR 1, Capital Regional District.
CONTACT_PHONE VARCHAR2 50 CONTACT_PHONE contains the "general office" phone number of the Occupant, e.g., 250-555-1234
CONTACT_EMAIL VARCHAR2 100 CONTACT_EMAIL contains the "general office" email address of the Occupant.
CONTACT_FAX VARCHAR2 50 CONTACT_FAX contains the "general office" fax number of the Occupant, e.g., 250-555-1234
WEBSITE_URL VARCHAR2 500 WEBSITE_URL contains the link to the Home page of the Occupant's Website
IMAGE_URL VARCHAR2 500 IMAGE_URL contains a full URL link to a picture of the Occupant's Location.
LATITUDE NUMBER 9 LATITUDE is the geographic coordinate, in decimal degrees (dd.dddddd), of the location of the feature as measured from the equator, e.g., 55.323653
LONGITUDE NUMBER 10 LONGITUDE is the geographic coordinate, in decimal degrees (ddd.dddddd), of the location of the feature as measured from the prime meridian, e.g., -123.093544
KEYWORDS VARCHAR2 1000 KEYWORDS contains text strings supplied by the Custodian, to be used for search/query purposes. Keywords are separated by the ; delimiter.
DATE_UPDATED DATE 7 DATE_UPDATED contains the date that the Occupant data was updated in the Occupant structure (system-generated)
SITE_GEOCODED_IND VARCHAR2 1 SITE_GEOCODED_IND contains a Flag/indicator (Y/N) that the Occupant Physical Address has been geo-coded by the DataBC Address Geocoder and the results provide a valid site address, e.g., Y, N
CONTACT_NAMES VARCHAR2 1000 CONTACT_NAMES provides a list of the names of people who may be contacted about the operations and services of the Occupant. This is a comma-separated values list. e.g.: John Smith, Susan White, Barry Brown
OCCUPANT_DESCRIPTION_FRENCH VARCHAR2 1000 OCCUPANT_DESCRIPTION_FRENCH describes the Occupant in more detail, in French, e.g.,Vitiniculture familiale située sur un domaine de 17 acres dans la fameuse Black Sage Bench de l'Okanagan, où les longs jours chauds de l'été concentrent les flaveurs des fruits, tandis que les soirées fraîches arrondissent l'imprévu des variétés. Venez déguster nos Blancs, Rosés ou Rouges en compagnie d Erin au Salon de dégustation de 10h à 17h30 d'avril à décembre. Français parlé sur demande.
SERVICE_NAME VARCHAR2 500 SERVICE_NAME stores the name of services provided by the occupant, e.g., Restaurant
SERVICE_NAME_FRENCH VARCHAR2 500 SERVICE_NAME_FRENCH stores the name of the specific service provided by the occupant in French, e.g., Restauration
TOURISM_AREA VARCHAR2 200 TOURISM_AREA is a geographic area which identifies the location of attractions and businesses. e.g., Vancouver Island; Vancouver, Coast & Mountains; Kootenay Rockies
TOURISM_AREA_FRENCH VARCHAR2 200 TOURISM_AREA_FRENCH is a geographic area which identifies the location of attractions and businesses where the clientele can access to services in French. e.g., Vancouver, Côte et Montagnes
SHAPE SDO_GEOMETRY 64 SHAPE is the column used to reference the spatial coordinates defining the feature.
SEQUENCE_ID NUMBER 10 SEQUENCE_ID contains a value to distinguish occupant instances. Where a single occupant can have multiple instances (representing different services, for example), this field distinguishes this occupant instance from other instances of the same or different occupants.
SE_ANNO_CAD_DATA BLOB 4000 SE_ANNO_CAD_DATA is a binary column used by spatial tools to store annotation, curve features and CAD data when using the SDO_GEOMETRY storage data type.