This analysis uses the groundwater footprint which is an indicator of groundwater stress with a single cutoff: GF/A > 1 suggests an aquifer is more stressed and GF/A < 1 suggests less stressed1. There is no scientific basis to interpret the calculated values more finely. Given the significant limitations (see side bar) and single cutoff, the calculated values of the groundwater footprint should not be over-interpreted. For example, aquifers with GF/A of 2 or 10 should both be considered 'more stressed' and provoke similar management decisions. Aquifers utilized in this analysis were derived from the BC Aquifer Mapping database maintained by the BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy and were downloaded in January 2018. Aquifer boundaries revised after this data may differ from those used in this analysis.

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The groundwater footprint (GF) is calculated for unconfined aquifers from aquifer-scale, steady-state estimates of groundwater withdrawal (W), recharge (R) and the groundwater contribution to environmental flow needs (E) and aquifer area (A).

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