Visitor Centre Network Statistics Program Year Over Year Report 2012

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Published by the Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology - Visitor Services
Licensed under Open Government Licence - British Columbia

There are over 100 Community Visitor Centres and six provincial British Columbia Visitor Centres (BCVCs) located throughout the province. The Network of Visitor Centres provides visitor servicing to more than 3,000,000 visitors annually and is a valued partner in the distribution of tourism information and the promotion of industry products and services. Visitor Centres provide a full range of services that increase resident and visitor awareness of local, regional and provincial tourism products. These services also enhance the quality of the visitor's experience by promoting longer stays and/or return visits, thus maximizing the economic benefits to the community. Services provided by Visitor Centres typically include travel information and route planning, reservations, ticket sales and merchandise sales. The Visitor Centre Network Statistics Program Year Over Year Report 2012 contains aggregated data collected for all Visitor Centres (VC) over a two year period (2010 and 2011) and comparison percentages between the two years. The data indicates for each Visitor Centre the average number of parties per hour, total hours of operation, total tourism-related phone calls, total tourism-related written enquiries (by mail/fax/email), total number of parties who visited in person, total number of people in the visitor party (visitors), and total number of tour buses that stop at the a Visitors Centre.

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