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    StrongStart BC Centres Map

    The StrongStart BC Centres map displays the locations and contact information for early learning programs in British Columbia. The map information is gathered from the Early...
    • Record Published: 2020-03-27
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    Metadata for K-12 Student Demographics and Achievements

    Metadata for kindergarten to grade 12 (K-12) student demographics and achievements. this includes de-identified records of all school-age and adult student enrolments as well as...
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    • Record Published: 2019-08-23
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    Projection of Public School Aged Headcount Enrolments

    Enrolment projections for public school aged headcount.
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    • Record Published: 2017-10-18
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    BC K-12 School and District Contact Information

    Search by map or list for school and district contact information. Refine your search by location, district, school, and other selectable search methods and criteria.
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    • Record Published: 2013-11-06
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