• Natural Resources

    Prospectors Reports

    Under the Prospectors Assistance Program (now discontinued) grants were provided to encourage grassroots prospecting in British Columbia. The Prospectors Assistance program...
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    • Record Published: 2016-04-15
    • Natural Resources


    MapPlace is a web service that allows clients to browse, visualize, and analyze multidisciplinary geoscience data. Data themes and applications available on MapPlace include...
    • Record Published: 2015-08-20
    • Natural Resources

    COALFILE Database

    COALFILE documents a collection of 1027 Coal Assessment Reports, which describe exploration and development activity on coal dating from 1990. Many of the reports have been...
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    • Record Published: 2015-08-14
    • Natural Resources

    COALFILE Search

    The online COALFILE Search application is updated periodically as new reports become available. Searches include COALFILE Number, Report Year, Coal Field and NTS Map. Results...
    • Record Published: 2015-08-13
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