• Natural Resources

    Water Quality Guidelines of B.C.

    This spreadsheet includes all the approved, interim and working water quality guidelines for B.C. Water quality guidelines are concentrations of substances or physical...
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    • Record Published: 2020-03-11
    • Natural Resources

    BC Lake Monitoring Program Interactive Map

    This ArcGIS Online application displays Long-Term Lake trend and Volunteer Lake Monitoring sites of the BC Lake Monitoring program. Each point provides access direct links to...
    • Record Published: 2019-02-14
    • Natural Resources

    Surface Water Monitoring Sites

    This application displays environmental monitoring locations of types 21 (River Stream or Creek) and 13 (Lake or Pond). Links are provided to direct data download for each site....
    • Record Published: 2017-12-19
    • Natural Resources

    Mount Polley Sampling Sites - Data

    This dataset is an ArcGIS Online hosted feature service containing the Ministry of Environment's Mount Polley sampling locations for Drinking Water Quality, Aquatic Life...
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    • fgdb
    • Record Published: 2017-01-16
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