• Transportation

    BC Stop of Interest Signs

    The Stop of Interest signage program was introduced in 1958 as a British Columbia Centennial Project. Most of the signs erected at the time related to themes of settlement,...
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    • Record Published: 2016-09-26
    • Natural Resources

    MTA - Mineral and Placer Claims History Layer

    Historical Mineral and Placer Titles: Holds historic data for all terminated/changed mineral and placer titles within the Province of British Columbia. Data is created/removed...
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    • Record Published: 2014-12-15

    Children and Family Development - Cases in Care History

    This report provides the total number of Child in Care by age groups by year and month. Children In Care were placed into the custody, care or guardianship of a director or the...
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    • Record Published: 2012-03-30
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