• Natural Resources

    Tire Stewardship BC Tire Recycling Data

    Tire Stewardship BC scrap tire collection and recycling data (tonnes) from 2007 to 2011. Tire Stewardship BC (TSBC) is a not-for-profit society, formed to accept responsibility...
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    • Record Published: 2016-05-17
    • Natural Resources

    Environmental Protection Information Resources e-Library

    A searchable catalog that provides access to a broad range of environmental protection information for BC, including publications related to air quality, water quality, climate...
    • Record Published: 2015-12-01
    • Natural Resources

    Cross-linked Information Resources (CLIR)

    This is a search application designed to simultaneously search multiple environmental and natural resource document libraries and display the results in a single search window...
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    • Record Published: 2013-01-25
    • Natural Resources

    BC FIRST Tire Recycling Data 1991-2006

    Financial Incentives for Recycling Scrap Tires (FIRST) collection and recycling data (tonnes) from 1991 to 2006. In 2007 Tire Stewardship BC, a not for profit society, launched...
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    • Record Published: 2012-11-05
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